Our Story

We (Megs and Stu) crossed paths many times in our youth before fate intervened in 2007 and made us neighbours and (very) shortly thereafter, a couple. From the outset we have have talked about wanting to work together creatively. We have spent the last 11 years discussing this dream while being somewhat distracted by our very DIY wedding, owner-building our home and of course, creating three small people. Oh, and then there was the time we invited 25 people for Christmas lunch and then decided to paint the entire house the week before (inadvisable in case you’re considering it). We know that our combination of graphic design, web design and art is not quite standard, but we also know that these are the things that each of us does and that we do them better together.

Together we have creative passion. Together we have grand ideas that we execute on ridiculously short time lines. Together we are Made for 2.