we can

We are beautiful design. We are web that works.

We are original art. We are Made For 2

We do

We are a husband and wife team who vowed on our wedding day “to support and nurture every creative idea, no matter how crazy or last minute it may be”. With a shared obsession for design and art we are ultimately driven by a passion for all things creative. We love to collaborate with like minded souls to help bring your brand to life in print and online or to create beautiful art for your home or business.


Our life together is a brilliant mess of big ideas, spilled paint, our three small people and our undying (if a little bit mad) notion that together we can have a go at anything.

Get clean

Design that is...

Stu has a saying. “Let there be white.” He’s not talking about laundry, he’s talking about good clean design that works. He's all about branding with personality, illustration that's a bit cheeky and websites that are attractive and functional on every platform. Don't ask him about laundry though, he's really not terribly good at laundry.....

Make a splash


Megs does...on paper, and herself, and the studio floor. It's all in the name of art. Megs wants to bring colour and joy into your home, to create talking points for your visitors, she wants to light up your foyer. Megs is all about texture and layers in her work. She is less concerned with layers of drop sheets, which might explain the state of the studio floor.....